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Sunday, 10 September 2017

My Speech

Introduction: Why does technology have to be very irritating?

Well here's my story,
You’re going to the store and you have been waiting ages and ages, to get umm maybe this new toy.
So you’re off to go and get that new toy, but when you get to the store you see that there’s sliding doors, electric sliding doors at the entrance. you walk toward them, they don’t open, you walk closer, they still don’t open, you walk closer and closer and closer but every step you take, they still do not open, and before you know it you're dancing around doing the monkey dance trying to make the doors open.
A very tall man walks past you, you watch him very closely as he walks through those sliding doors,
“They open for him, why don’t they open for me?”
You say to yourself.
It's like the electric spinning doors at the palms mall.
When your in you just can't get out but by the time you do get out of them your too dissy to even walk.
So, here is my advice if you don't want to end up looking stupid in front of lots of people don't go to any store with those silly spinning doors or sliding doors.

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